A Conversation with Grantland’s Sean McIndoe

On this special edition of the Hard Foul Sports Podcast, host Evan Sally was joined by Sean McIndoe, lead hockey writer for Grantland.com, Also make sure to check out his website DownGoesBrown.com and his very funny Twitter feed @DownGoesBrown.

Sean is a wealth of knowledge about all things NHL and in this interview he shared some of that knowledge regarding the Buffalo Sabres, specifically about Jack Eichel, Ryan O’Reilly and Dan Bylsma. Sean is also a Leafs fan and offers his takes on Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf, Mike Babcock and the selection of Mitch Marner in the NHL Draft. Sean also tries to make some sense out of what’s going on with the Boston Bruins. It was a pleasure to be able to interview him and I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Update: This interview took place prior to Phil Kessel being traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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