Aaron Kromer staying or going?

Brian Wolf

Reports say that Aaron Kromer may be fired by weeks end. (Photo/AP)

Reports say that Aaron Kromer may be fired by weeks end. (Photo/AP)


Why is Aaron Kromer still a Buffalo Bill?

The Buffalo Bills have been in the media this past week or two for all the wrong reasons. First it was rookie Ronald Darby, standing up for former Florida St. Seminole De’Andre Johnson who punched a women at a bar. Then it was Duke Williams who was made out to be like he was thirsty, chasing adult star Mia Khalifa. But over the weekend, first year offensive line coach Aaron Kromer lost it, tossed a teenager to the ground, punched him in the face, and then threatened to kill his family, if they reported him to the police.

Team President Russ Brandon came out with this statement,

“Over the last few days our organization has continued to gather information in regards to the alleged incident involving Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer. We have been in regular discussions with the league office and have decided to place Aaron on indefinite paid administrative leave in accordance with the league’s Personal Conduct Policy while we continue to work our way through the investigative process with the league.”

Reports say that the teenagers “stole” his lawn chairs and were belligerent, threatening Kromer. News flash…Kromer is a 48 year old adult. Where does he get off thinking he can punch a kid in the face? The fact that the Bills have not fired Kromer is mind blowing. I have much respect for Terry Pegula and the Pegula family for all that they have done for this city, but what exactly are they waiting for? Move on from this and either promote from within or go find a replacement from the outside.

Just do not bring back Doug Marrone!



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