Hard Foul Sports Podcast Episode 16: 8/6/15

Rex Ryan, Tom Brady, Troy Tulowitzki

Rex Ryan, Tom Brady, Troy Tulowitzki

We start this week’s show with some big show news. Our previous co-host Zach Snyder has decided to return to school to work on his doctorate and won’t have time to do the show. We thank Zach for everything he’s contributed and wish him luck going forward. Stepping into Zach’s place is the very capable and talented Steven Stich, a writer at Hard Foul Sports and a incredibly knowledgeable sports fan. He’ll be co-hosting the show going forward and we think you’ll love what he contributes.

Mike, Evan and Steve then get into the meat of the show, starting with the biggest topic on the mind of Buffalo sports fans, Bills Training Camp and how the QB battle is progressing. We also touch on other surprises coming out of camp and Evan’s recent article about using more than one quarterback and the pros and cons of it.

Deflategate is next on the agenda after the release of the transcripts of Tom Brady’s testifying under oath. Brady continues to deny strongly. Is he lying or is does he have a case? The NFL has badly mismanaged the case, how will that effect the outcome?

We finish the show with baseball, specifically the rise of the Blue Jays and Mets. Did the Blue Jays make the right move going all in on David Price and Troy Tulowitzki? Should the Mets limit the innings of their young pitchers or go for it? We touch on the Wild Card races as well.

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