Hard Foul Sports Episode 17: 8/14/15

Geno Smith/Matt Cassel/Alex Rodriguez

Geno Smith/Matt Cassel/Alex Rodriguez

We start the show with a big announcement, our first sponsor! Thank you to Tony Berrafato for supporting HardFoulSports.com and make sure you check out his restaurants Mississippi Mudds, Old Man River and Prima Pizza and Pasta. Check out their links on the left side of HardFoulSports.com.

The Geno Smith incident has taken over the sports universe this week. Rex Ryan took the story to the next level by signing the player that broke Geno’s jaw. What does this mean for the Bills and Jets and how do these two teams compare?

What are we looking for in this week’s Bills preseason game vs Carolina?

NFL Divisional Previews: AFC and NFC West

Baseball: The AL East race – The Blue Jays dominate and the Yankees struggle

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