Hard Foul Sports Podcast: Episode 51 – NFL Draft, Kobe’s Farewell, NBA Playoffs

Kobe Bryant left the NBA in the most Kobe Bryant way possible. (Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant left the NBA in the most Kobe Bryant way possible. (Getty Images)

This week on the podcast Evan Sally and Steve Stich were joined by guest host Jim Bearor. The guys talked about the Rams trading with the Titans for the #1 pick in the draft and if the Bills should think about potentially moving Tyrod Taylor and pick for the #2 pick.

The guys then talked Kobe’s incredible final game. Stich is a massive Kobe fan and shared his feelings watching him for the last time.  We compared the careers of Derek Jeter and Kobe.

We then took a look at the first round of the NBA playoffs. Which series stands out? Which team has the most to gain? And why don’t more people hate Golden State?

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