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Hard Foul Hoops Ep. 2


Isaiah Thomas can’t be ignored (Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports)

Jim, Evan, and Bill talk rebuilding processes, Korver and the Cavs, Atlanta’s puzzling roster moves, a rumored deal for Boogie, and more. The show closes with some shoutouts to under-appreciated players, and Evan Sally deals with a potential house fire.
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The Hard Foul Podcast Ep. 91: A New Coach in Buffalo and NFL Divisional Round Preview

New Bills coach Sean McDermott with Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula and GM Doug Whaley (Kim Pegula/Twitter)

New Bills coach Sean McDermott with Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula and GM Doug Whaley (Kim Pegula/Twitter)

Evan, Jim and Bill talk about the Bills hire of Sean McDermott, the difficulty of judging new coaching hires and preview the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs.

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The Hard Foul Podcast: Episode 90


Odell addressing the media after dropping important passes and before punching a hole in a wall. (Credit: Matt Ludtke/AP)

In this Wild Card Weekend episode, Jim is joined by Bill to discuss the death of the ’16-’17 New York Football Giants before the body is even cold. After sharing their assessments of the teams that survived this week, the guys talk Clemson/Alabama to finish the show. Continue reading

The Hard Foul Podcast: Episode 89


Evan and Jim are joined by Bill Annechino to break down every game of Wild Card Weekend. The games are covered chronologically, and the guys sprinkle in some old football stories from their playing days. Continue reading

Hard Foul Hoops Ep. 1

James Harden is having an incredible season. (Getty Images)

James Harden is having an incredible season. (Getty Images)

On the first episode of the Hard Foul Hoops Show, the guys talk about the state of the NBA, if the Warriors are more and less fun than last year, is James Harden having one of the best point guard seasons ever, what Kyle Korver will do for the Cavs are more on this wide ranging NBA show.

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The Hard Foul Podcast: Episode 87


All eyes are on Doug Whaley, and for good reason. (USATSI)


Evan and Jim start the show with some Warriors/Cavs talk, then are joined by Bill, who has a plan to fix the Buffalo Bills. The gang touches on the games that matter this week before looking ahead to potential first round playoff matchups.

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Miami Revitalization: Life After Tannehill

The Bills may struggle against an improved Ryan Tannehill (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

A more balanced attack has gotten Miami to the cusp of the postseason, but can they survive without Ryan Tannehill? (Getty Images)

The Dolphins secured an all-important win on Sunday, but they lost their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, in the process.  This has been a tale of two seasons for the Dolphins, as they started 1-4 before reeling off a 7-1 stretch to get to 8-5.  The catalyst for this turnaround seems to be a resurrection of sorts for Tannehill, which will hereafter be referred to as the Tannerrection.  I wanted to take a deeper look at the Tannerrection, and try to figure out where the Dolphins can go from here.   Continue reading

Why Draymond Green is the Best Player in the NBA


(Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

There are many ways to affect a basketball game.  Most notable among these is scoring.  But what if you already play on a team with two All-World scorers?  What if, and this might be a stretch, you play on a team with two of the greatest scorers who ever lived, and a third player who must be involved in any “greatest shooter ever” discussion?  What then?  By now, you have probably seen through my rhetorical questions to know that I am talking about someone on the Golden State Warriors, and I am.  A player in this situation can, correctly, deduce that their team does not need more scoring.  Instead, they need someone to do everything else.  Right now, without looking, answer this question:  How many players are top-20 in four different statistical categories right now?  The answer is one.  Nobody does more than Draymond Green and, for that, he is the best player in the NBA. Continue reading

This Week in Bill


(Credit: Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports)

– Bill Annechino

News broke on Tuesday that the Mets had reached a deal to bring Yoenis Cespedes back.  The details of this contract are four years and $110 million.  The more mathematically-inclined readers will point out that this is an average of $27.5 million dollars per season.  If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is:  This represents the second-highest annual average guarantee for a position player, ever.  So, the question on everyone’s mind is:  Is this a good deal?  Let’s find out.  Continue reading

Perception vs Reality: Blake Bortles and NFL Fandom

Despite his early career struggles, is Blake Bortles career savable? (Getty Images)

Despite his early career struggles, is Blake Bortles career savable? (Getty Images)

– bill annechino

Nine.  That’s the number of games Blake Bortles has played in which he did not throw an interception.  Six.  That’s the number of games in which Bortles was sacked six or more times.  One.  That’s the number of games Bortles has played in which he did not get sacked.  By this point, a lot of people feel that the book has been written on Bortles, and that he is not a viable NFL quarterback.  The truth is that the Jaguars are probably stuck with him for at least one more year before it becomes financially viable to cut ties with Bortles.  Obviously, the most important question to answer is:  How much is Blake Bortles to blame for the Jaguars’ struggles?   Continue reading