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Big Blue Does the Bear Minimum


Landon Collins sealed the deal on Sunday with his fifth pick in four games. (Credit: Jim McIsaac/Newsday)

– Jim Bearor

The New York Giants seem to be approaching football games like I approached academia: the “I’ll get to it when I get to it” model. It’s good enough to skate by, but that’s about it. To the surprise of no one, Big Blue needed a second-half comeback to beat the Bears at home this Sunday. Josh McCown and the Browns are up next, just waiting for Eli and the offense to come play down to their level. Continue reading


McAdoo, Do Something!

Eli being sacked.jpg

Eli’s bad day was made worse by Green Bay’s pass rush. (credit: AP/Mike Roemer)

Jim Bearor

After two consecutive losses to Washington and Minnesota, I was done giving the Giants the benefit of the doubt, and Sunday night’s loss to the Packers only reinforced that. We’re about to be in Week 6. Football Outsiders has weened off of the preseason rankings in their analysis, and wisely embraced the reality of the 2016 season.  Clinging on to preseason hopes and grudges can put you in a tough position, especially when you’re defending your opinion that the Panthers are going to be fine or how you think this Vikings model isn’t sustainable. This is kinda where I’m at with Big Blue. The smoldering coals of optimism haven’t been completely snuffed out, but the Giants are very much the  2-3 last place team their record indicates – and that’s a tough pill to swallow. They aren’t who I thought they were.

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Odell and Eli Steal the Show in the Worst Way



Odell Beckham Jr. continued to be a distraction in Week 4, while also failing to produce in any meaningful way.  (credit: Foxsports.com)

– Jim Bearor

My biggest takeaway from this game is that the Vikings are very much for real, and their defense is arguably the best in the league. Sam Bradford was in control throughout, converting third downs and spreading the ball around nicely. As good as Minnesota’s offense looked, the lack of production from McAdoo’s offense made New York’s defense look worse than they were. Things on Spagnuolo’s side of the ball were actually going alright considering they were rolling with Trevin Wade in the place of Eli Apple, and Jonathan Casillas had a bad, costly missed tackle that led to a 14-0 Vikings lead. The way I saw it, the defense hung in there and gave Manning and the offense ample opportunities to get rolling, and yet again, Eli, Beckham, and the boys stood them up. Continue reading

Giant Reactions to Week 1


The Giants kicked off their 2016 campaign with a big win in Dallas. (AP / Ron Jenkins)

– Jim Bearor

A 20-19 road win over the Cowboys was a solid start to the Ben McAdoo Era, all things considered. Terrance Williams’ poor decision that cost Dallas a chance at the end was huge, but it wasn’t everything. To me – and many other Giants fans, I assume – it felt like sweet poetic justice for Eli’s blunder at the end of this game last year. Continue reading

Giants @ Cowboys Preview: McAdoo & What Dak Can Do


(credit: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports and Giants.com)

– Jim Bearor

In a couple days, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants will do battle at Jerryworld in Arlington, Texas. There will always be the air of familiarity between these two, but Sunday’s game feels like a new book in the series. Continue reading

McAdoo’s Giant Remix

-Jim Bearor

el mcadoo

Photo Credit: (Howard Simmons, New York Daily News)

Evolution, not revolution.

These words have been repeated often by Ben McAdoo since he took over for Tom Coughlin as head coach of the New York Giants in January. McAdoo isn’t Coughlin and he won’t try to be, but he’s made it clear in interview after interview that continuity is key.  All three coordinators are familiar faces. McAdoo’s beloved offense will probably return eight or nine starters. Hell, the clocks are still set to Coughlin Time — five minutes fast. Even so, there’s no denying times have changed. Big Blue had the oldest coach in the league last year, and now they have the second youngest.

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