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The Flagrant Foul: Week 3 NFL Roundup

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy and the Buffalo Bills ran amok in Sunday’s home thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals (Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY)

– Bill Annechino

With another great football Sunday in the books (and the first official football Sunday of fall!), let’s take a run through the league and see what stood out.   Continue reading

The Great Chicago Dumpster Fire of 2016


Cutler is the just poster boy for Chicago’s failures. (AP / Charles Rex Arbogast)

– Jim Bearor

Do dumpster fires excite you? Go ahead, make some popcorn. You have time. This one’s a slow burn. We have yet to see the spark, but the match has been struck, giving off the sulfury smell and bit of smoke that almost always precedes fire. The Chicago Bears are a bad football team, and they might get worse before they get better.

Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Wentz Wagon Edition

Only two games in, but Carson Wentz looks up to the task. (Getty Images)

Only two games in, but Carson Wentz looks up to the task. (Getty Images)

Bill Annechino

The Eagles look to have struck gold with Carson Wentz, 2 starts into his career.  What stands out the most to me is his willingness to take what the defense is giving him.  I haven’t seen him make a terrible decision with the football in either of his starts yet.  His receivers also have not been giving him much help in this game, with several big drops.  Make no mistake, Wentz played a great game and if his receivers had done their job, his stat line would have been truly impressive.  Doug Pederson deserves a lot of credit for not only resisting the urge to play Chase Daniel (a player he knows well from his years in Kansas City) but also for incorporating RPO (that’s run-pass-option) plays into their offense that Wentz ran in college.   Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Week 2 NFL Roundup

Who's the real culprit for the Bills problems?

Who’s the real culprit for the Bills problems? Is GM Doug Whaley to blame? (Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

Jets @ Bills (Thursday):

So, by now everyone knows that the Bills’ insanely reactionary answer to Thursday night’s embarrassment was to fire offensive coordinator Greg Roman.  Many people have also (correctly) pointed out that it wasn’t Greg Roman’s offense that gave up 37 points and 500 yards.  I’ve seen various reactions from the Bills’ Mafia calling for Rob or Rex Ryan’s head, but that really misses the bigger point:  Doug Whaley is the worst GM in football.  Continue reading