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The Good, Bad and the Ugly from a Bills Bye Week

Watching Ezekiel Elliott is one of the most enjoyable things in football. (Getty Images)

Watching Ezekiel Elliott is one of the most enjoyable things in football. (Getty Images)

– Evan Sally

Typically when the Bills are on their bye week there’s a sense of disappointment in the air. No matter how bad the team is playing in a given season, you still miss seeing your squad play on Sunday. However, I felt like this bye week was desperately needed on two fronts: a football team that has been battered by injuries and desperately needs a week to recharge; and a fanbase that’s emotionally exhausted from Monday’s officiating debacle in Seattle. As a result I welcomed this week’s bye with open arms. But even with the Bills taking a break, football never stops. While many of you probably took this Sunday as an opportunity to spend time with family or catch up on tasks around the house, I got my weekly dose of pigskin like the football junkie I am. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Bills week off. Continue reading


An Ode To The Raiders Hype Train


Derek Carr’s elevated play has been bailing out the Oakland defense all season. (Getty Images)

– Jim Bearor

Originally, I had planned on writing an article almost entirely about David Carr’s statistical growth spurt. Then, like an asshole, I didn’t write for a while, and everyone else on the internet wrote that article. Then the Raiders took control of first place in the AFC West with Sunday night’s thorough handling of Denver, and now we’ve officially entered the week of singing their praises and talking about playoff hopes. Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Week 3 NFL Roundup

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy and the Buffalo Bills ran amok in Sunday’s home thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals (Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY)

– Bill Annechino

With another great football Sunday in the books (and the first official football Sunday of fall!), let’s take a run through the league and see what stood out.   Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Week 2 NFL Roundup

Who's the real culprit for the Bills problems?

Who’s the real culprit for the Bills problems? Is GM Doug Whaley to blame? (Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

Jets @ Bills (Thursday):

So, by now everyone knows that the Bills’ insanely reactionary answer to Thursday night’s embarrassment was to fire offensive coordinator Greg Roman.  Many people have also (correctly) pointed out that it wasn’t Greg Roman’s offense that gave up 37 points and 500 yards.  I’ve seen various reactions from the Bills’ Mafia calling for Rob or Rex Ryan’s head, but that really misses the bigger point:  Doug Whaley is the worst GM in football.  Continue reading

AFC Championship Preview: One Last Time for Old Times Sake

Slowing down Gronk is priority one for the Broncos D. (credit: fansided.com)

Jim Bearor

Brady-Manning XVII is happening again, and there are only so many ways we can rehash the same rhetoric about these two legendary quarterbacks.  I’m not one to put together a Bleacher Report-esque slideshow recounting the most memorable moments from the rivalry, but sure, I’ll click through something like that for old time’s sake.  I don’t need someone on my Facebook feed sharing a link to a playoff stat comparison between Tom and Peyton, because I’ve seen it before.  Yes, it obviously makes a difference that Brady has Belichick and Manning doesn’t. No, cheating isn’t the reason the Patriots win Super Bowls.  We’re coming up on the seventeenth iteration of this saga, and at this point, I don’t see the outcome changing either quarterback’s legacy all that much. Continue reading

The Man(ning) of the Hour: How the Decision to Start Peyton on Sunday Was 20 Years in the Making

(credit: gettyimages.com)

Despite injuries and a rough start to the season, Gary Kubiak places his trust in Peyton Manning over Brock Osweiler(credit: gettyimages.com)

by Jim Bearor

The decision has already been made as to who will start for the Broncos in their Divisional Round matchup against the Steelers, but it feels like we haven’t hit the tipping point for the Manning/Osweiler quarterback situation. Osweiler has been the starting quarterback for the second half of the season, and he was better than Manning was in the first half. There are a few angles to this issue that make it more complex than “the young, strong armed quarterback” against “the shell-of-himself Hall of Famer”.

Continue reading