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Why Draymond Green is the Best Player in the NBA


(Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

There are many ways to affect a basketball game.  Most notable among these is scoring.  But what if you already play on a team with two All-World scorers?  What if, and this might be a stretch, you play on a team with two of the greatest scorers who ever lived, and a third player who must be involved in any “greatest shooter ever” discussion?  What then?  By now, you have probably seen through my rhetorical questions to know that I am talking about someone on the Golden State Warriors, and I am.  A player in this situation can, correctly, deduce that their team does not need more scoring.  Instead, they need someone to do everything else.  Right now, without looking, answer this question:  How many players are top-20 in four different statistical categories right now?  The answer is one.  Nobody does more than Draymond Green and, for that, he is the best player in the NBA. Continue reading