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3 Reasons Sabres Fans Should Embrace Stamkos Rumors with Open Arms

Steven Stamkos' impending free agency has the NHL in a fervor. Sabres fans should embrace the fun. (Getty Images)

Steven Stamkos’ impending free agency has the NHL in a fervor. Sabres fans should embrace the fun. (Getty Images)

– Evan Sally (@Evan_Sally)

Last week, one of the most, if not the most, highly respected hockey journalists out there sent Sabres fans into a bit of a frenzy. When TSN’s Bob McKenzie said Buffalo could be the one of the best options for free agent-to-be Steven Stamkos, Sabres fans got very excited and understandably so. McKenzie has a reputation like no other, and even though the video clip that traveled around Twitter like wild fire was less of an official report and more of his opinion, his reputation in the hockey universe gave it a lot of weight. It’s been reported since the news of Stamkos’ disillusionment with the Tampa Bay organization that his ultimate goal would be to go to his hometown Maple Leafs, in a LeBron James-ish type maneuver, and lead them to championship glory. To hear that maybe the Sabres could be a monkey wrench in our rival’s plan made the McKenzie video clip that much more stirring. An opportunity to send the Sabres rebuild to light speed while slowing down the Leafs? Where do I sign up? I assumed this was a sentiment shared by most, if not all, of Sabres fans. Continue reading


Hard Foul Sports Podcast Episode 24: 10/2/15


Tyrod Taylor and Jack Eichel have Buffalo excited. (Getty Images)

We got a new podcast for you and a new intro to go with it. On a supersized episode of the podcast, Mike, Evan and Stich talk about the Sabres preseason, look at the MLB Postseason and preview the Bills game vs the New York Giants. To wrap up the show Giants fan Jim Bearor joins the show to give his perspective on the game and the Giants season so far.

Two ways to listen:


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The NHL Rumor Mill

-Mike Tolsma

June 26th is right around the corner. If you are a fan of the Edmonton Oilers (still absolutely incredible) or the Buffalo Sabres, it will be a monumental day for those franchises. Since the beginning of this past season, the end game for the Buffalo Sabres never changed: tank. Cave for Connor, Savin’ for McDavid, whatever you like for your tanking phrase. But, of course, the ultimate prize of finishing in last place was the fact that the Sabres guaranteed themselves no worse (or better) than the 2nd overall pick in June’s draft – that pick likely (99.9999999%) being Jack Eichel. What if I told you that the Sabres may have an opportunity at both the 2nd and 3rd overall pick in this upcoming draft? It is very possible folks, so gear up for the ride.

According to a report from NHL.com, last night, the Arizona Coyotes, a fierce competitor in the Tankapalooza Sweepstakes and holder of that 3rd pick, is in fact fielding offers. Some may wonder why the Sabres would be in the discussion since they already have pick number 2, but it may happen.

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