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NFL Spread Picks for Week 14


– Jon Ramsey

It’s week 14, otherwise known as the time when Bills fans stop thinking about playoffs and start thinking about draft position. A bunch of great games this week with playoff positioning on the line and then also one of the worst games of the year as well. As the weather gets colder, teams that can run the ball seem to have a bit of an advantage and the kicking game becomes more important as well.  Will this favor teams like Tennessee, Buffalo and Dallas all of whom have strong running games or can teams like the Redskins and Falcons keep up their playoff pushes through the air?  As Chris Berman likes to say…”that’s why they play the games.”  On to the picks. Continue reading


This Week in Bill


(Credit: Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports)

– Bill Annechino

News broke on Tuesday that the Mets had reached a deal to bring Yoenis Cespedes back.  The details of this contract are four years and $110 million.  The more mathematically-inclined readers will point out that this is an average of $27.5 million dollars per season.  If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is:  This represents the second-highest annual average guarantee for a position player, ever.  So, the question on everyone’s mind is:  Is this a good deal?  Let’s find out.  Continue reading

The Duality of Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor is a unique mix of frustrating lows mixed with tantalizing highs. (Getty Images)

Tyrod Taylor is a unique mix of frustrating lows mixed with tantalizing highs. (Getty Images)

– Evan Sally

Tyrod Taylor looked as bad as he’s ever looked for large parts of Sunday, which is odd to say in a game in which made some great plays, including an inch perfect 62 yard pass to Sammy Watkins, a really nice touchdown pass to the immortal Justin Hunter into a tight window and rushed for his other touchdown making a play only a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL can make. How can a quarterback be terrible and spectacular, incredibly frustrating and uniquely gifted, all at the same time? Therein lies the essence of the Tyrod Taylor conundrum. Continue reading

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Picks for Week 12

You may want to consider Tom Brady in your DraftKings lineup this week. (Getty Images)

You may want to consider Tom Brady in your DraftKings lineup this week. (Getty Images)

– John Bandinelli

Here we are, week 12 marks the three quarter mark of the season and it feels like it’s flying by. I hope everyone had a nice Holiday and enjoyed all the games on Thursday. I have another set of what I think are great picks for your lineups this week. With 12 games on the slate there are some matchups I really like this week and some value to be had if you’re willing to take a risk or two.

Continue reading

NFL Spread Picks for Week 12

Marcus Mariota has been very good in recent weeks. (Getty Images)

Marcus Mariota and the Titans look to bounce back from last week’s loss. (Getty Images)

– Jon Ramsey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone as we give thanks that the election is over and that playoff football is just around the corner.  Call this week the leftover week because leftovers are my favorite and I love favorites this week.  If you are into teasers, there is a lot of money to be made.  But if that isn’t your jam, just stick to mashed potatoes and gravy and wolf down my picks! Continue reading

Big Blue Does the Bear Minimum


Landon Collins sealed the deal on Sunday with his fifth pick in four games. (Credit: Jim McIsaac/Newsday)

– Jim Bearor

The New York Giants seem to be approaching football games like I approached academia: the “I’ll get to it when I get to it” model. It’s good enough to skate by, but that’s about it. To the surprise of no one, Big Blue needed a second-half comeback to beat the Bears at home this Sunday. Josh McCown and the Browns are up next, just waiting for Eli and the offense to come play down to their level. Continue reading

Draftkings NFL Daily Fantasy Picks for Week 11

Kirk Cousins Funny.jpg

Cousins and the Washington offense look to keep things rolling in a momentous meeting with the Packers this weekend. (Credit: USATSI)

– John Bandinelli

I’m going to admit right off the bat that week 10 was not kind to me. Hopefully the only pick you took away from last week was Jordy Nelson. Other than that, I let you down on pretty much every other pick. Week 10 might have actually topped ‘way off week three.’ Bad weeks are bound to happen in daily fantasy, especially with football. The only thing to do now is hop back in the saddle and move on to week 11. And for the record, I’m blaming the super moon. Continue reading

The Hard Foul Podcast: Episode 82

Do the Chiefs deserve more respect? (Getty Images)

Do the Chiefs deserve more respect? (Getty Images)

On Friday’s podcast, Jim and Evan start off by talking about some potentially playoff-bound NFL teams that are flying under the radar. The guys give their take on Romo’s presser, how the Giants need to shift their approach, and what to expect from the Bills down the stretch. The show closes out with some NBA chat and a sprinkling of the USMNT.

How to Listen:


If you have an Android device there are several apps on the Play Store that our show is available on. We recommend Podcast and Radio Addict. Continue reading

NFL Spread Picks for Week 11

The ridiculous Ezekiel Elliott faces his latest test: Baltimore's top ranked rushing defense. (Getty Images)

The ridiculous Ezekiel Elliott faces his latest test: Baltimore’s top ranked rushing defense. (Getty Images)

– Jon Ramsey

Time for my week 11 picks, I had my bye week last week and come into late November well rested for a playoff run.  There are a couple “go against the public” picks this week that I really like, along with an easy blowout.  Consider this week’s column my gift to you, to make some money for all that shopping coming up.  On to the picks! Continue reading

Perception vs Reality: Blake Bortles and NFL Fandom

Despite his early career struggles, is Blake Bortles career savable? (Getty Images)

Despite his early career struggles, is Blake Bortles career savable? (Getty Images)

– bill annechino

Nine.  That’s the number of games Blake Bortles has played in which he did not throw an interception.  Six.  That’s the number of games in which Bortles was sacked six or more times.  One.  That’s the number of games Bortles has played in which he did not get sacked.  By this point, a lot of people feel that the book has been written on Bortles, and that he is not a viable NFL quarterback.  The truth is that the Jaguars are probably stuck with him for at least one more year before it becomes financially viable to cut ties with Bortles.  Obviously, the most important question to answer is:  How much is Blake Bortles to blame for the Jaguars’ struggles?   Continue reading