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Hard Foul Hoops Ep. 2


Isaiah Thomas can’t be ignored (Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports)

Jim, Evan, and Bill talk rebuilding processes, Korver and the Cavs, Atlanta’s puzzling roster moves, a rumored deal for Boogie, and more. The show closes with some shoutouts to under-appreciated players, and Evan Sally deals with a potential house fire.
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Why Draymond Green is the Best Player in the NBA


(Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

There are many ways to affect a basketball game.  Most notable among these is scoring.  But what if you already play on a team with two All-World scorers?  What if, and this might be a stretch, you play on a team with two of the greatest scorers who ever lived, and a third player who must be involved in any “greatest shooter ever” discussion?  What then?  By now, you have probably seen through my rhetorical questions to know that I am talking about someone on the Golden State Warriors, and I am.  A player in this situation can, correctly, deduce that their team does not need more scoring.  Instead, they need someone to do everything else.  Right now, without looking, answer this question:  How many players are top-20 in four different statistical categories right now?  The answer is one.  Nobody does more than Draymond Green and, for that, he is the best player in the NBA. Continue reading

NBA Westeros Conference First Round Preview: You Win or You Die

In the NBA, Steph Curry reigns supreme.

Jim Bearor

The regular season went out with a bang last Wednesday, delivering a satisfying finish to a wild ride of a season. The first round of the playoffs kicked off this weekend, but the second round doesn’t start until May, so there is still time to catch your breath before the playoffs really get fun.  This would be a very appropriate time to grab a beverage of your choice and sip on it while you ponderously stare off into the middle distance, asking yourself the difficult questions about the NBA. Continue reading