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On Moore, Cook, Osweiler, and Enjoying It While You Can

Miami Dolphins v New York Giants

Matt Moore (Credit: Getty Images)

– Jim Bearor

There are three starting quarterbacks in the playoffs that aren’t like the others, and they’re all in the AFC. Matt Moore is Ryan Tannehill’s backup, Connor Cook is a third string quarterback for the Raiders, and Brock Osweiler is a a 72 million dollar meme who lost his job to Tom Savage, yet finds himself starting a playoff game at home against Cook and company. Continue reading


5 NFL Teams That Deserve a Little Love

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins

The Gase-Tannehill relationship is just starting to yield results (Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images)

– Jim Bearor

Ugly animals don’t get screen time on Sarah McLachlan commercials, and you don’t see a lot about the Miami Dolphins on SportsCenter. Tony Romo thinks football is a meritocracy and I agree with him, but sometimes it isn’t covered as such. The Kansas City Chiefs don’t move the needle like the Dallas Cowboys do, and cute golden retrievers get more people to pick up their phone and donate to the ASPCA than some mangy one-eyed mutt.

I’m not suggesting we need more clips of ugly dogs or Chiefs highlights, but once in a while, it’s cool to acknowledge their existence. So in this article, I’m going to give some love to teams who get glossed over. These five squads might not be sexy but they’re worth keeping a tab on, because right now they’re doing a decent job of dancing in the dark, and I’m interested to see what they look like when the lights come on in the playoffs. Continue reading

Troubling Trends Loom Large In A Bad Bills Loss in Miami

When Tyrod wasn't running for his life he was missing throws. (Getty Images)

When Tyrod wasn’t running for his life he was missing throws. (Getty Images)

– Evan Sally

At no point during Sunday’s game against Miami did it feel like the Bills were playing well. The offensive line was getting whipped by Ndamukong Suh, Cameron Wake and Mario Williams.  The defensive line was being caved in by the left side of Miami’s offensive line, and Jay Ajayi was getting into the second level of the Bills defense and running over defenders with ease. Combine all of this with Ryan Tannehill not making any mistakes and the fact the Bills were outgained by almost 200 yards and it’s a recipe for a Bills blowout loss. And yet with 20 minutes of game time left, the Bills led 17-6. To make the playoffs in the NFL, you have to acknowledge you’re not going to play well all the time; sometimes you’re even going to be outplayed badly; but you still have to be able to find ways to win. That’s what the good teams do, win when they’re not supposed to. For a while it appeared that the Bills would be able to escape with a win but Jay Ajayi and a bad day from the offense was too much too overcome. However there was a way the Bills could’ve won this game, by paying attention to detail in the margins. The reason they weren’t able to pull it off was due to a couple of troubling trends. Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Week 3 NFL Roundup

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy and the Buffalo Bills ran amok in Sunday’s home thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals (Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY)

– Bill Annechino

With another great football Sunday in the books (and the first official football Sunday of fall!), let’s take a run through the league and see what stood out.   Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Week 2 NFL Roundup

Who's the real culprit for the Bills problems?

Who’s the real culprit for the Bills problems? Is GM Doug Whaley to blame? (Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

Jets @ Bills (Thursday):

So, by now everyone knows that the Bills’ insanely reactionary answer to Thursday night’s embarrassment was to fire offensive coordinator Greg Roman.  Many people have also (correctly) pointed out that it wasn’t Greg Roman’s offense that gave up 37 points and 500 yards.  I’ve seen various reactions from the Bills’ Mafia calling for Rob or Rex Ryan’s head, but that really misses the bigger point:  Doug Whaley is the worst GM in football.  Continue reading