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The Hard Foul Podcast: Episode 90


Odell addressing the media after dropping important passes and before punching a hole in a wall. (Credit: Matt Ludtke/AP)

In this Wild Card Weekend episode, Jim is joined by Bill to discuss the death of the ’16-’17 New York Football Giants before the body is even cold. After sharing their assessments of the teams that survived this week, the guys talk Clemson/Alabama to finish the show. Continue reading


The Hard Foul Podcast: Episode 89


Evan and Jim are joined by Bill Annechino to break down every game of Wild Card Weekend. The games are covered chronologically, and the guys sprinkle in some old football stories from their playing days. Continue reading

On Moore, Cook, Osweiler, and Enjoying It While You Can

Miami Dolphins v New York Giants

Matt Moore (Credit: Getty Images)

– Jim Bearor

There are three starting quarterbacks in the playoffs that aren’t like the others, and they’re all in the AFC. Matt Moore is Ryan Tannehill’s backup, Connor Cook is a third string quarterback for the Raiders, and Brock Osweiler is a a 72 million dollar meme who lost his job to Tom Savage, yet finds himself starting a playoff game at home against Cook and company. Continue reading

The Beginning of a Strong Finish for the NFL


Ezekiel Elliott will have certainly have a major impact on how this season ends. (Credit: Jon Krawczynski/Associated Press)

– Jim Bearor

We’re in Week 13, and the Seattle Seahawks are the only team that I think has locked up their division. They haven’t looked super inspiring doing it, but they’re three games up on the disappointing Cardinals and have the largest divisional lead in the league. The Cowboys are up two and a half games on the Giants, and they play each other in a week. New England is two games up on Miami and three on the Bills, and while they will almost certainly win the division, the loss of Gronk and the fact that Brady is banged up might make a difference before the playoffs. The Raiders are only a game up on the Chiefs and two over the defending champs. The Falcons are up one on the Bucs. The NFC North is a mess. This is awesome. Continue reading

AFC Championship Preview: One Last Time for Old Times Sake

Slowing down Gronk is priority one for the Broncos D. (credit: fansided.com)

Jim Bearor

Brady-Manning XVII is happening again, and there are only so many ways we can rehash the same rhetoric about these two legendary quarterbacks.  I’m not one to put together a Bleacher Report-esque slideshow recounting the most memorable moments from the rivalry, but sure, I’ll click through something like that for old time’s sake.  I don’t need someone on my Facebook feed sharing a link to a playoff stat comparison between Tom and Peyton, because I’ve seen it before.  Yes, it obviously makes a difference that Brady has Belichick and Manning doesn’t. No, cheating isn’t the reason the Patriots win Super Bowls.  We’re coming up on the seventeenth iteration of this saga, and at this point, I don’t see the outcome changing either quarterback’s legacy all that much. Continue reading

AFC Divisional Playoffs Preview: Don’t Sleep on the Chiefs

 (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

– Jim Bearor

The Chiefs, fresh off their first playoff victory in my lifetime, are in New England to face the champs.  Kansas City is on an absolute tear, but that doesn’t make this game any less daunting. The sentence “Andy Reid and Alex Smith beat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady at home in the playoffs” sounds preposterous no many how many times I say it to myself. Yet, it isn’t hard for me to imagine a scenario where the Chiefs win, especially when you factor in the injury troubles of the Patriots and that they stumbled into the playoffs, losing four of their last six games.

Continue reading

The Man(ning) of the Hour: How the Decision to Start Peyton on Sunday Was 20 Years in the Making

(credit: gettyimages.com)

Despite injuries and a rough start to the season, Gary Kubiak places his trust in Peyton Manning over Brock Osweiler(credit: gettyimages.com)

by Jim Bearor

The decision has already been made as to who will start for the Broncos in their Divisional Round matchup against the Steelers, but it feels like we haven’t hit the tipping point for the Manning/Osweiler quarterback situation. Osweiler has been the starting quarterback for the second half of the season, and he was better than Manning was in the first half. There are a few angles to this issue that make it more complex than “the young, strong armed quarterback” against “the shell-of-himself Hall of Famer”.

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The NFC’s “Big Three”

~ Jim Bearor

It’s week 17 and the cream has risen to the top in the NFC. Unlike the AFC, which is made up of Tom Brady and five regular dudes, the NFC field has a “big three” that separate themselves from the others.  The Cardinals, the Seahawks and the Panthers are the best teams in the NFC, and there’s a clear drop off after them.

(Credit: rantsports.com)

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