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For The Mets, The Future Is Now

Mike Tolsma

November 1st, 2015. Mark that day down, as the New York Mets were still playing baseball. If I have said it once, I have probably said it 1,000 times – if you were to tell me the Mets would be playing baseball in November I would have laughed at you (probably hysterically). Who knew one trade (Cespedes), and a few young, blossoming stars (Syndergaard, D’Arnoud) would pave the way for a run all the way to the baseball seasons winding days. Terry Collin’s took the blame for Sunday nights 9th inning meltdown, and let’s face it – he was out-managed all series long by Ned Yost, of all people. But Yost pushed the right buttons for his side while New York and Terry Collins’ club just didn’t have the answers for the Royals pressure.

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