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Seven-Headed Monsters Don’t Exist


Rashad Jennings getting handoff

Will Rashad Jennings have a Justin Forsett-like late career breakout, or will one of the young runners step up to take command of the RB1 slot? (Photo Credit: Steven Ryan)

Jim Bearor

The New York Giants are bringing back the four running backs that made up a disappointing backfield in 2015. They ranked 18th in terms of rushing yards and were the team’s worst positional group according to Pro Football Focus. Andre Williams continued to frustrate everyone who had a rooting interest in him, but the other three had decent seasons. Jennings the starter, Vereen the third down back, and Darkwa the fill-in, all ran for a little over four yards per carry.

There was quite a bit going on at the position last year, but you can’t have too many running backs, right? Apparently that’s how the Giants saw it, seeing as they signed free agent Bobby Rainey and drafted Paul Perkins out of UCLA in the 5th round. Oh, and they recently added Marshaun Coprich, an undrafted rookie from Illinois St.  That makes seven. It’s only training camp, so the roster will be trimmed down before it’s all said and done, but there’s no denying the backfield feels crowded right now. Continue reading