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MLB Weekend Preview

– Cruz Serrano

Teams with something to prove:
With the renewal of spring comes a new baseball season, and for seam heads like myself, that brings about the happiest time of the year. As happy as I am to see green grass begin to peek through the months of accumulated snow, it pales in comparison to the overwhelming exuberance brought about by the first sight of the shining emerald grass that can be seen on a major league baseball diamond. With the excitement that comes with the new season, it can sometimes be hard to remember that every single game of the 162 game schedule has the same meaning. A stunning walk-off win, or a disappointing loss, count just as much in May as they do in August and September. With the excitement of pennant chases, sometimes it’s hard to think back to the four game sweep at the hands of a last place team that had no business even splitting the series. Early season games and series can often help to define a team, as well as show whether they’re contenders, or they just enjoyed a lucky April as they listlessly regress. With that being said, here are some teams with something to prove with the series they play this weekend.

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