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PODCAST: Bills/Seahawks Preview

Percy Harvin's effect is one of the major mysteries heading into Monday Night Football. (Getty Images)

Percy Harvin’s impact is one of the major mysteries heading into Monday Night Football. (Getty Images)

On an impromptu episode of the Hard Foul Podcast, host Evan Sally is joined by massive Bills fan and all around good guy Aaron Wallens to preview the Bills travelling to Seattle on Monday night. The guys talked about the Bills chances against Seahawks, how big of a factor Percy Harvin might be, what weaknesses the Bills can attack and more.

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Breaking Down The Bills Schedule

The Bills will look to avenge last year's tough loss to the Jaguars, a game the 2016 Bills cannot afford to lose. (Getty Images)

The Bills will look to avenge last year’s tough loss to the Jaguars, a game the 2016 Bills cannot afford to lose. (Getty Images)

Evan Sally 

The final week of preseason is the football fan’s equivalent to a child on Christmas Eve. After months of planning and analyzing, after our season tickets are purchased, fantasy teams are drafted and suicide pools joined, NFL previews are read and preseason games are endured, now we wait. It’s the quiet before the storm that is the NFL season. As we try to kill a little time before Week 1 kicks off, it’s nice to take one more look at the schedule. Like glancing at the Maps app on your phone one last time before embarking on a trip, studying the schedule can help settle the inevitable nerves that pop up before the season starts. We know some parts of the trip will be bumpier than others, but at least we know there’s a path to get where we want to go, which in the case of the 2016 Buffalo Bills is the postseason. While the schedule has been incessantly analyzed since it’s release in mid-April, after weeks of training camp and preseason games now is the best time to get a true gauge on the Bills opponents before the season starts in earnest. Continue reading

A DangerRuss Game

Every day that passes in the Seahawks negotiation with Russell Wilson Seattle fans get a little more concerned. Now the question remains, which side is going to give in first? HardFoulSports.com’s Jim Bearor examines the situation.

(Photo Credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The longer a negotiation goes on, the less likely it is to be successful. Coming to terms takes time though, and when the issue being negotiated is a long term contract for a franchise quarterback, what the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson have been going through seems almost reasonable. But as far as anyone can tell, there is still a clear divide between the two parties.

According to Wilson’s camp, the deal breaker is guaranteed money.  Paul Allen and the Seahawks aren’t willing to change the way they do business, even for a player as talented and valuable as Russell Wilson.  Wilson is still under contract and set to make $1.5 million this year. He has said more than once that he’ll be on the field regardless of how his contract negotiation goes. However, after this
year, something is going to have to give.

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