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Randomness Reigns: The Myth of Momentum


Aaron Rodgers’ miracle no-look Hail Mary seemed to turn the tide of the game in the Packers favor. 10 minutes later the Packers season was over. (Getty Images)

Cruz Serrano

As the NFC Divisional playoff game between the Packers and Cardinals drew to a close, all hope seemed lost as the Pack faced a 4th and 20 down by 7 with less than two minutes to play. Two incredible throws later, including a ‘see it to believe it’ game tying Hail Mary by Aaron Rodgers to end regulation, and it appeared that Green Bay had seized all momentum. That was until Arizona marched down the field in 3 plays in overtime and scored a touchdown despite the apparent momentum swing that Green Bay carried from the Hail Mary. Perhaps Arizona was magically able to steal the momentum away again as OT started. Or perhaps the idea of Psychological Momentum in sports is just a myth that people perpetuate as a way to try to predict performance and outcomes for players and teams. Continue reading