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Rebuilding Detroit: Pistons Sticking with Van Gundy’s Blueprint

Stanley Johnson

credit: Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

Jim Bearor

The way Detroit’s roster is set up reminds me of the type of team I’d have in the first couple years of franchise mode in NBA 2K.  They have an abundance of young talent – mostly at bargain prices – and a great deal of development to be done before this group is ready to compete at the highest level.  If I was playing with this Pistons team in some sort of franchise mode, I’d be elated. You’d have a hard time prying the controller from my hands before I had my way with this coming offseason, using the valuable players and cap space to try and improve upon what is already a promising core.  Even then, I’m sure I’d spend hours playing through next season, rounding out Andre Drummond’s game and doing my best to turn Stanley Johnson into a superstar.  The Pistons are far from a finished product, but that’s part of the reason they’re so intriguing to me. Continue reading