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Hidden Damage: Tom Brady and the Buffalo Bills

Tom Brady has seen many Bills quarterbacks through the years, and dominated all of them. (Getty Images)

Tom Brady has had a hidden effect on the Bills quarterback position beyond just routinely beating them. (Getty Images)

Evan Sally

No discussion of the Bills playoff drought is complete without a mention of its key antagonist, Tom Brady. Don’t worry Bill Belichick I didn’t forget about you and your evil genius, but to list Belichick and Brady as equally responsible for the Patriots dynasty is a bit unfair to Brady. We’ve seen Belichick routinely out coach whoever is on the Bills sideline, leaving the Bills usually looking grossly unprepared so I’m by no means dismissing him. But we all know where the Patriots true greatness comes from. Brady is New England. And no opposing fanbase is more familiar with Brady’s greatness than this one. His record against the Bills is obscene. It’s comical. Fans have to account for the guaranteed two losses when making their playoff projections or risk looking foolish. You just don’t pick the Bills to beat the Patriots. It’s a waste of time. Continue reading


Episode 6 Online

– The Hard Foul Team

Episode 6 of the Hard Foul Sports Podcast is up on Soundcloud and iTunes. Click on one of those tabs up top of this page and give us a listen. Evan, Mike, and Zach are back giving their thoughts on the Pats’ punishments, The Mike Babcock watch, NHL and NBA playoffs, and of course, the Hot Takes of the week. Give us a listen, and let us know what you think!

The Fall of the Patriots: Perception vs. Reality

– Evan Sally, Co-Founder

September 13th, 2007 is the day the Patriots’ dynasty ended. Yes, the Patriots haven’t lost more than 6 games in any of the 8 seasons since, including going 12-4 three times, 13-3 and 14-2 once each, and experiencing the only 16 win undefeated regular season in the history of the league. They’ve won the AFC East 7 out of 8 seasons, and made the Super Bowl 3 times in that span. They even won the Super Bowl in 2015 with a thrilling last-minute victory over the Seahawks. By almost every measure the Patriots organization has been a tower of success, a model for every other NFL franchise to follow. And yet, the Patriots dynasty ended on September 13th, 2007. That’s because it’s on that day that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed out his punishment for the Patriots illegally filming the practices of their opponents, a controversy that came to be known as Spygate. Patriots coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000, the organization was fined $250,000 and had their 2008 1st round pick taken from them.
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