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Big Blue Does the Bear Minimum


Landon Collins sealed the deal on Sunday with his fifth pick in four games. (Credit: Jim McIsaac/Newsday)

– Jim Bearor

The New York Giants seem to be approaching football games like I approached academia: the “I’ll get to it when I get to it” model. It’s good enough to skate by, but that’s about it. To the surprise of no one, Big Blue needed a second-half comeback to beat the Bears at home this Sunday. Josh McCown and the Browns are up next, just waiting for Eli and the offense to come play down to their level. Continue reading


Draftkings NFL Daily Fantasy Picks for Week 11

Kirk Cousins Funny.jpg

Cousins and the Washington offense look to keep things rolling in a momentous meeting with the Packers this weekend. (Credit: USATSI)

– John Bandinelli

I’m going to admit right off the bat that week 10 was not kind to me. Hopefully the only pick you took away from last week was Jordy Nelson. Other than that, I let you down on pretty much every other pick. Week 10 might have actually topped ‘way off week three.’ Bad weeks are bound to happen in daily fantasy, especially with football. The only thing to do now is hop back in the saddle and move on to week 11. And for the record, I’m blaming the super moon. Continue reading

5 NFL Teams That Deserve a Little Love

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins

The Gase-Tannehill relationship is just starting to yield results (Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images)

– Jim Bearor

Ugly animals don’t get screen time on Sarah McLachlan commercials, and you don’t see a lot about the Miami Dolphins on SportsCenter. Tony Romo thinks football is a meritocracy and I agree with him, but sometimes it isn’t covered as such. The Kansas City Chiefs don’t move the needle like the Dallas Cowboys do, and cute golden retrievers get more people to pick up their phone and donate to the ASPCA than some mangy one-eyed mutt.

I’m not suggesting we need more clips of ugly dogs or Chiefs highlights, but once in a while, it’s cool to acknowledge their existence. So in this article, I’m going to give some love to teams who get glossed over. These five squads might not be sexy but they’re worth keeping a tab on, because right now they’re doing a decent job of dancing in the dark, and I’m interested to see what they look like when the lights come on in the playoffs. Continue reading