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McAdoo, Do Something!

Eli being sacked.jpg

Eli’s bad day was made worse by Green Bay’s pass rush. (credit: AP/Mike Roemer)

Jim Bearor

After two consecutive losses to Washington and Minnesota, I was done giving the Giants the benefit of the doubt, and Sunday night’s loss to the Packers only reinforced that. We’re about to be in Week 6. Football Outsiders has weened off of the preseason rankings in their analysis, and wisely embraced the reality of the 2016 season.  Clinging on to preseason hopes and grudges can put you in a tough position, especially when you’re defending your opinion that the Panthers are going to be fine or how you think this Vikings model isn’t sustainable. This is kinda where I’m at with Big Blue. The smoldering coals of optimism haven’t been completely snuffed out, but the Giants are very much the  2-3 last place team their record indicates – and that’s a tough pill to swallow. They aren’t who I thought they were.

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NFL Week 5 Spread Picks

The return of Tom Brady is one of the top stories in the NFL this week. (Getty Images)

The return of Tom Brady is one of the top stories in the NFL this week. (Getty Images)

– Jon Ramsey

We are a quarter of the way home as Week 5 begins and we can start to see who the surprise teams are (Minnesota, Philly) and who the disappointments are (Carolina, Arizona).  Matt Ryan, is suddenly looking like an MVP, while Cam Newton is getting hit so much he might not make it through the season.  Top 5 picks Ezekiel Elliott and Carson Wentz are looking like draft pick hits, while 1st overall pick Jared Goff still hasn’t even seen the field.  Also some early season questions can begin to get answered.  All of Buffalo wants to know if the Bills will keep up their 2 game winning streak or will the 7-9 forever Rams improve to 4-1?  I want to know if teams will keep returning kickoff from 6 yards deep in the endzone to the 15-yard line instead of taking a knee and getting it at the 25? Finally, logic wants to know when two overmatched coaches named Chuck Pagano and Jim Caldwell will get fired?  Enough of the questions, now onto the answers and my picks. Continue reading