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DraftKings Daily Fantasy Picks for Week 7


Phillip Rivers is chomping at the bit for the chance to save San Diego’s season. (credit: USATSI)

– John Bandinelli

Hello again, and welcome to week 7 of my DraftKings weekly column, where I offer up some my picks each week for the 1pm Sunday only slate. It looks like a bit of a tough week this week, I don’t like the matchups for a lot of the more expensive guys and there’s not many obvious bargains. So, I’m mostly covering the middle tier guys this week. Hopefully, I can help you fill any holes you might already have in your lineups or help you start fresh and give you a core group of guys that you can build your own lineup around. Continue reading


NFL Week 7 Spread Picks


No Big Ben, but Pittsburgh still has their bell cow, Leveon.

– Jon Ramsey

Playoffs? You talking about playoffs? I can’t even have a winning week, and you want to talk about playoffs? Almost halfway through the season and time sure is flying by, can you believe that right now the Bills lead the NFL in point differential?  Or that the Panthers are 1-5 after going 15-1 last year?  I am sure we all had Matt Ryan leading the NFL in passing and Lorenzo Alexander leading the NFL in sacks.  All of these weird occurrences are what make sports great… and gambling on them even better!  Fueled by a lighter wallet, it is on to the picks. Continue reading

The Flagrant Foul: Week 7 Preview and Thursday Night Recap


The Vikings-Eagles game should be great in its own right, and the quarterbacks make it even more interesting. (credit: Getty Images)

– Bill Annechino

Thursday night recap:

Well, Brian Hoyer broke his arm, and Aaron Rodgers looked good again.  Matt Barkley posted a 6/15 line with 81 passing yards and 2 interceptions, good for a 13.7 QBR.  Remember when he was at USC and being discussed as a serious contender to be not only a first round pick, but the first overall pick?  Pretty awesome stuff here.  I watched the NLCS game instead of this.  Does anyone actually enjoy these Thursday Night games?  It seems like they’re always terrible matchups on paper, the players are on record as saying that they don’t like the short week and the on-field product usually suffers. 

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Brian Hoyer went down with a broken arm in another stinker of a Thursday Night Football game. (credit: NESN.com)

  Is there really anyone out there who would rather have a Thursday night game than a second Monday Night game?  On a side note, is there anyone who doesn’t love the 2 Monday Night games they do for opening week every year?  What makes Thursday Night Football even weirder is that it isn’t on the same network every week.  Some weeks, it streams on Twitter, CBS and NFL Network.  Some weeks, CBS and NFL Network, and other weeks, just NFL Network.  It has to be time to pull the plug on this.  Continue reading