The Hard Foul Vision

First off, as the co-founder alongside my friends Evan Sally, Zach Snyder, and Steve Deck – I thank you. Without people investing their time to listen to us on Hard Foul Sports (hear us on iTunes or Soundcloud!), we wouldn’t even be able to be doing this. The support we have gotten on Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth has been humbling, and we all appreciate it.

Talking on and off, doing a podcast and eventual website was nothing more than a pipe dream. Fun to talk about, but never thought it would actually happen. Today, I launch my first column on and continue to see the exposure that social media gives us. The purpose of HFS was to simply A. Have fun and talk about something we all are passionate about and B. Launch new opportunities. It has always been a goal of mine to write and be able to express my thoughts and ideas about the sports world on a blog – let alone a podcast website. I hope my ideas stir up some comments and discussion, because I personally really enjoy talking with all of you reading.

We hope that this site provides many things, but one of them is perspective from all sorts of people who are all just as hungry to get their voices heard and name out there. My weekly columns will be covering stories all over the sports world. Hope you enjoy. Joining myself as a featured columnist at are my two co-hosts Evan Sally and Zach Snyder. Evan is extremely well rounded and knowledgeable in all different genres of sport, so his columns and articles will be some must read material. Zach is arguably the most in depth Buffalo fan I have had the privilege of knowing over the years. He will primarily be focusing on the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, and I know will provide you, the audience, with great takes and even better discussion.

We are welcoming to the team a few other close friends with the knowledge and willingness to invest their time with us. Cruz Serrano – a local WNYer will be HFS’ featured baseball columnist. His insight is at expert level and his analytical take on the game is one I am sure will stir the pot. Joining him is Steve Stich – the single most knowledgeable sports fan I know. He will be providing columns across the board, from his beloved Lakers and other NBA news, to the Bills and local Buffalo stories. Zach El-Sharif has joined the team as well to give us his takes on an assortment of different things. Lastly, Angela Nicholas has joined the staff as our featured soccer writer, on top of her editing duties, graphic design, and website development.

The show doesn’t happen without Steve Deck: the man who makes us sound great. Steve is our audio man and really is what makes the show happen. Mike Carson is on board as the tech specialist, focusing primarily on iTunes.

The beauty of this: We are all local Western New Yorkers who share the same passion. Join us every week. Click that Soundcloud tab (or iTunes), find us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us for our weekly mailbag. All accessible to you through

We thank you, and we hope you continue to enjoy and help us grow!

– Mike Tolsma, Co-Founder, @Tolss22mike


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