Podcast Special: 26shirts.com and #BillsMafia Co-Founder Del Reid


On a Hard Foul Sports Podcast Special Edition, Mike and Evan are joined by Del Reid. Del is the founder of 26shirts.com, a website that offers new sports related shirts every two weeks with $8 of every purchase going to a family in need. 26shirts.com is currently operating in Buffalo and Chicago and will soon be in Pittsburgh as well. Del is also the co-founder of the #BillsMafia fan community. @TheBillsMafia has over 56,000 followers on Twitter and is one of the fastest growing and most active fan groups in the NFL.

In this interview Del and the guys talked about the growth of each of his projects and how they’ve changed his life and the lives of others. They also talked about the hype around the upcoming Bills season, which offseason acquisition is the most exciting, the QB situation and much more. You can follow Del on Twitter @mrdeadlier.

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